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Best friend:- Friendship is a ship in which two or more than two people plunge in it, they promise each other to stand besides one another in every situation and abide with them till last breath.

Friendship is the backbone of any relationship whether it is the relationship of a mother and daughter, father and son, or a couple and it is made-up of faith, dignity, emotions, love, endorsement, care and understanding.

If any of these aspects are trace less and are not strong, then the friendship will get over in a short time. One can become best friends by finding a person who is having same mental disorder as you have, or when you call upon an individual who is ready to tolerate your tantrums and your silly jokes and the one who is always ready to help you, even in midnight.

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Best friend is that personality which is gifted by almighty and the one who is aware of you in and out. Best friend is the only individual who understands us better than ourselves.

The bond between the two best friends which they share is the stronger, indestructible and is inexplicable. Sometimes, there are such incidents and secrets which we cannot speak freely to our parents but we feel comfortable to share those things with our best friend because we are more amicable with them.

In this situation, best friend is the only one who is capable of giving you best guidance. Best friends are those who stand for you when everyone is busy in making your life hell and at the same time they actuate you the most.

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Many people arrives and walk away from your lives, few people teach you lesson in life, and among them there is definitely one person who sparkles your life and leaves his/her deep footprints in your life which is known as best friend. Inherently best friend is the sibling from another mother and it plays a lot of roles in one’s existence.

He/she plays the role of mother, father, brother and sister as well as her best friend. Our best friend takes care of us like a mother, scold us on our faults and make us that much capable to take the right decisions like a father, laugh and fights with us like a brother and defend us in every situation like a sister.

A best friend is the one on who’s shoulders we can put our head and cry like a child and share our grief, they keep our secrets in their heart and never shatters our trust, they are also an entertainer who makes us blissful when we are frigid, the one who can do anything to bring happiness to our face, and has the ability to read our mind without saying anything.


Like a best friend is the most prominent part of our life, in the same way there is a day which is celebrated for that special one.

This day is called NATIONAL BEST FRIENDS DAY which is celebrated on 8th June every year and on this day everybody appreciates and showers their love on their best friends and exhibits them that how much they are important to them. Someone said “When it hurts to look back and you are scared to look ahead, you can look beside you and your best friend will be there”.

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Best friends share an unbreakable bond and that knot is the strongest one in the world.

To cherish your friendship and to show the importance to your best friend and other people also you can use hash tag “#BestFriendsDay” and post on social media. National Best Friends Day is celebrated since 1935 as the US Congress take a verdict to dedicate a day to best friends.

So, the US Congress baptized first Sunday of August as Friendship Day and 8th June as National Best Friends Day. The importance of this day is seen in many countries as the people spend the whole day with their best friends and surprise them with gifts to make them feel special.

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A Best friend is the one who can do all the foolish things with you and laugh on your silly jokes even they are not funny. They do all the crazy stuff with you which they don’t even willing to do, but just because of your happiness they are always ready to give a smile on your face.

They are basically our motivators, the one who can make us smile in sad situations, they have the potential to charge our battery when we are feeling low, and they guides us to make right decisions in life as our mentors.

In respect of the best friends a day named, National Best Friends Day is celebrated on 8th June every year and people would love to celebrate this day.

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