How To Propose a Girl?

How To Propose a Girl

INTRODUCTION-How To Propose a Girl

How To Propose a Girl:- Falling in love with someone is the most beautiful feeling in the world, and when you are loved unconditionally by the person you love, then that moment and the feelings are quite overwhelming.

Nothing could be better than getting accepted with all your imperfections by your companion. Love makes an individual feel like they never felt before, it feels like we can’t even explain to anyone.

Some people in love becomes so insane that they don’t even know what is going on in the world.

There are few emotions that we perceive when we are in love like, when the person we love is around us our heartbeat gets faster and, in a while, smile takes place on our face.

If the one you love holds your hands, certainly the butterflies in the stomach starts flying, on the contrary if they hug you, then you got goosebumps.

Isn’t it??  An individual wants a life partner who understands your feelings, cares for you, and loves you even more

than your family, who makes the promises which can be accomplished, the one who trusts on you more than anyone else.

When someone is in love, he/she can go to any extent to keep that person blissful and can do anything for them.

There are many addictions in the world like habit of using phone frequently, drinking alcohol, cigarette and drugs, but Love is the only addiction which could never harm any human being.

In love, even a thought of losing that person haunts us.

Due to which, some people quail to propose or to confess their love in front of them thinking that whether they will accept them or not.

How To Propose a Girl


In today’s scenario, finding true love is quite difficult because it is rare yet not impossible as well. You need to find the one who will make your life more graceful than before, help you to saturate your dreams or goals to achieve success in life,

treat you like you arrive as an apostle in their existence, the one who completes you and who will meet your physical needs, and many more as the desire list is too long, which isnot easy at all.

It is not mandatory that you will find any person who is perfect by personality and behavior, because nobody is perfect in this world by birth.

Some people find the one who is truly devoted to them and some people are left empty.

Those who have true love in their life, they should venerate it and never leave the person’s hand whom they love.

If the one you love, is exactly the same as you thought then, no worries you are in love with the right and the most honest person that one could ever get.Hence, you are successful in recognizing your true love.

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When a person tumbles in love with someone, it started with an affection towards that individual, then it occurs as an attraction, after that the person becomes your crush and you feel so attracted to them that you don’t want to squander them and finally the last phase is love.

You fell in love with that particular person and want to woo them with your behavior and physical appearance. Difference between Affection, Attraction, Crush and Love is mentioned below: –


It is the first stage to perceive that you are going to fall in love soon with someone. Affection is the feeling of getting emotionally

attached with the person we like. It is one of the most common emotions which everyone has to face at least once in their lifetime. When an individual is fond of someone, they find chances to talk with that person and try to sustain contact with them as much as

possible. These are the signs from which one came to know that they are fond of someone.


How To Propose a Girl
How to propose a girl

It is the second phase of love in which one gets attracted towards the person or in which we start to feel love for someone.

Attraction is of two types, Normal Attraction and Physical or Sexual Attraction.

In Normal Attraction, an individual gets attracted for the person he/she feels.

On the contrary, Physical or Sexual Attraction is also known as Lust, it is the sexual desire of having sex with the person we got attracted physically.

Some people magnetized by human behavior and some people by physical appearance.

3. CRUSH: –

This is the second last state of getting into love. Crush is the short- term attraction which transforms time to time. But if you have crush on someone for long time, then no doubt you are truly in love with that person.

It is considered as the pitiable form of sexual desire in which a person is strongly attracted physically as well as mentally towards an individual.

The state of mind in this situation gets a little bit complicated as the person gets confused about the feelings that whether actually, he/she is in love or is it just an attraction.

4. LOVE: –

It is the final aspect in which one falls in love with whom

they strongly got attracted. Love is one of the most virtuous feeling that one could ever feel and it signifies how much a person can

change in that. If two people are in love and they accepted one another with all the flaws, love each other with loyalty and honesty,

understands each other’s gesture without saying anything that whether your partner is happy or he/she is in nostalgic state of mind, and pampers you like child, then you got success in finding True

love, which never dies.


How To Propose a Girl

Friendship is the initial platform before the outset of any love story, so try to become friends first because friends are the ones who can share anything with each other without any hesitation.

After that, your partner will be more reliable on you then, it is easy to take your friendship on the next level.

In the beginning you can talk to your partner about them, try to give them more time, and make them feel as if you wish to hear them more.

During the conversation, try to maintain eye-contact with your beloved and do not let them feel that you are present there physically, not mentally.

The initial conversation will definitely help you in future, as you will came know about their likes

and dislikes, then you will be able to impress them in a much better way. Your forthcoming relation with your love depends on the first conversation and the impression which you left on them.

As it is said that “First impression is the last impression” is true to some extent because it’s quite important to impress the person you love by your way of talking.

Here are some tips about starting conversations with your love: –


Try to know about their family, like about their mother and father, or

there are any brother or sister, in the house. Don’t get too indulged

in their personal life, specially about their past relationships until they want to tell you.


Talking about this topic will be really interesting. You will come to know what are their dreams they want to accomplish, and

you can help them to fulfill them. In your conversation, your intentions and feelings must be clear to them that you are enjoying their company and want to know more about them.


If you understand the things about their likes and dislikes, then it will help you to make them feel exclusive. Like you can ask

them about their favorite food, place, actor and actress, cricket player and many more things which you want to enquire.

While listening to them, try not to interrupt them with unnecessary reactions. Simply reply them as “YES” and “OH!! I SEE”. Don’t say such words like “Hmm…”, it sounds annoying to the person who is talking.

Do some cute things for them which makes them happy, such as writing cute romantic messages and quotes to express your honest feelings and unconditional love for them.


How To Propose a Girl

Confessing your love is one of the most complicated tasks for sure. As one is afraid of losing that person, so people don’t even try to speak up because they don’t want to ruin the beautiful friendship between them.

But if one doesn’t do so, then they will regret it later that they didn’t even tried once. So, go for it, confess your love and tell them how you feel for them. After that it is destiny’s game that whether they will

accept your proposal or rejects you. Firstly, you have to find out that whether the person you love also feels the same for you or not and if they do, then go for the proposal. For your convenience, here are few steps which will help you to confess your love: –


Before you go for the proposal, you should practice the way you want to describe your feelings to them, so that you will

be confident on the date. You can do drill in front of mirror or you can do it with one of your friends. Gain confidence and be bold in front of them.


Think of the place where you want your date to be happen. You can choose a restaurant, garden, or any other place you know better which is romantic. Make sure that you two are alone with

each other on the date. Try to decorate that place as beautiful as you can, and made them feel mesmerized.


Do such things which makes them to feel that they are peculiar for you. Make that moment so memorable for them, that they don’t think of rejecting your proposal.

You can arrange a candle light dinner for them, also you can write few romantic poetries to make that moment more eccentric. One of the most common things people do to propose, is to kneel down and propose their partner with a ring in their hand.

This technique will also work or you can write love letters for them.


Love is the emotion of infatuation which is necessary for an individual’s survival. It requires a lot of attention for the continuation of relationship between two people.

One should know how to confess or express your love to the person you admire.

Initial aspect of love is based on friendship which can be built only if your intentions towards the person you love are honest and straight-forward.

One advice which everyone needs to know is, when you want to date someone or you want a relationship with them, never try to judge the one until you came to know them as an individual.

Make their life amazing to the extent that they do not even think about leaving you, scrutinize that

the person you love also you in the same manner. Never plunge to back out, propose them thinking that this is the first and the last chance to impress and to confess your love.

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