About us

Lovesolutions.co.in is a website with a lot of expressions and confessions, users will find many solutions for the common problems in their relationships. And we have many other things like love poetry, love stories, blogs, shaiyari, quotes, status etc.

Overall the website can be defined as common platform for love confessions. We have team of writers and poets who provide great poetry, stories and blogs and team to designers and developers who work over technical part of the website.

Motive of lovesolutions.co.in is to feel the content, feel the words and connect you with it. We want our readers to read something which is relaxing and soothing, we want them to read something which may touch their heart and soul. And also the blogs in which we provide solutions to some common problems in the relationship help the person to solve the disputes.

Persons Behind Lovesolutions.co.in

Abhishek kumar

Abhishek kumar

Writer, poet, Web designer, digital marketer, affiliate marketer, You tuber, Vlogger and Blogger. Man with a multiple personality and many talents, he is founder of lovesolutions.co.in and also head of content part. He himself has written many poems, stories and blogs for the website.

Rohit Rawani

Rohit Rawani

Web designer, web developer, SEO Expert, Digital Marketer, Trainer, Affiliate marketer, Domain expert, YouTuber, Vlogger and blogger. He is Co-founder of Lovesolutions.co.in and he is the one responsible for the visual part of the website. He leads a team of designers and SEO optimizers and works on the ranking and designing part of the website.

Neha Raghav

Neha raghav

Senior Content writer of Lovesolutions.co.in, she is a thinker and a fine writer as the content delivered by her is really engaging. She mainly focuses over the solutions in relationship. Do visit blogs section for great relationship advice and solutions over relationship.