REASONS WHY I LOVE HIM:-Love is the most unpredictable element in which a person transforms into a different personality. Any person falls in love when he/she feels from the heart for another person or gets attracted towards them. No one is perfect in today’s time, but there are some characteristics that are necessary in that person whom we love. Here we have discussed 10 reasons why a girl loves a guy. Those are: –


Trust is the most important factor in a love story. If there is no love in the beginning of a relationship then it is okay but trust is such a thing because of which love remains between the couple. Truth and Honesty plays a very significant role among the two people and it indicates the love towards our life-partner. In long-distance relationships, distance doesn’t matter at all. The only thing which is important is the faith, which every couple needs to build up between them. A girl or a woman would love to fall for a guy whose intentions are always clear, straight-forward and trustful.


In any relationship, holding each other’s hands, cuddling or kissing, and fulfilling one another’s physical need is not enough at all, the basic thing which every couple should have is the understanding between each other. You must be a good listener and you should know how to represent yourself in front of your partner so that he/she will be able to understand you easily. Each girl or women has a requirement of a gentleman who understands them and support them in every situation. Love is a mixture of friendship, trust, understanding, caring, communication and companionship. If any of the elements is missing in the relationship, then it is going to be difficult for both.

3. CARING: –

Taking care of someone is the most impressive way of showing your concern and love for your life-partner. Caring is something which transforms your relationship gradually into an amazing one. There is no such girl or women who want their boyfriend or husband not to take care of them, everyone has a desire in life of a person who cares for them as a child and treats them as a princess. If someone really cares for you then, he will be having a fear of losing you and will always tries to maintain that relationship at any cost. Nothing could stop them from loving you if they really care, even if they are angry from you, then also they don’t stop caring for you because their mind is aggressive at that time, but from heart they still love you and they do care.

4.LOYAL: –

Being loyal to someone shows your dedication and honesty. If a couple is having complete trust on each other, then disloyalty issues are not going to disturb their relationship. Trust is something that takes years to build, but it does not even take a single second to break, takes a long time to regain it and will never remain as strong as before. That’s why it is very important to remain loyal to your partner so that the relation never worsens. Once the trust breaks, it takes a lot of time to get it back and love starts decreasing in both. Every girl wants the same thing that the person she loves is never cheated on her. If you truly love someone, then never try to cheat them or break their trust.


Falling for someone who enjoys your company, handles your madness, laugh at your stupid jokes, still loves you when you irritate him, is the best thing one could ever do. The one who incur your tantrums and


You are the one who helped me and made me a better person and specially, you made me more independent. Because of you I became so confident and bold, that now I am able to put my point of view in front of anyone without any fear. You supported me financially as well as mentally. You are the only one who always motivates me all the time that yes you can do anything.


Every girl wants to date someone whose personality is incredible and brilliant. Because a girl wants a person whom she loves should look good with her and people should also say that yes both of them looks like a happening couple.


Every man has a responsibility to make his girl feel safe and protected. Girls are very sensitive; they want a person in life who makes them feel comfortable and thinks about their safety. Just stay friendly with your girl, don’t try to judge her, spend time with her, and make her feel special.


Respecting someone is the most important thing that one should learn in life, and if a guy respects his girl with wholeheartedly, then the girl also has the responsibility to give equal respect to her boyfriend. The girl can only fall in love with a boy when he receives him and give his family the same respect.


Nobody is perfect in this world, but if you get that special one in your life who completes you and makes you a better person, then he/she is the best person with whom you may fall in love. Every girl wants to be in a relationship with someone who finds out their flaws and help them to improve them in a better way and forge them into a radiant personality.


These were 10 reasons why I love him, or why you love him, or why a girl should love a boy. The most important thing which always remain important is respecting each other. And one more thing which I would like to add is all the efforts needs to be made from both the sides, efforts from one side is never sufficient to make a stable relationship.

Whatever the condition is, what ever the situations is, if you both will promise to be with each other than all the reasons becomes meaningless, only the promise remains. Cheers!!

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